Vampires, but Bitchier

Watch The Originals Online is a site about the bitchiest bloodsuckers to ever show up on the boob tube. Don’t get us wrong, there is lots of blood sucking, random violence, magic, and sex. Those seem to be the ingredients for any vampire fiction these days. But this vampires are conniving. They go behind each other’s backs four times removed. And since it’s about original vampires that can be staked without really dying, they kill each other a lot, too.

Watch the Originals OnlineBut the web site and Buddy Spudz agree, the show is way watchable. Whether you like hot guys or hot girls, the screen is always full of the beautifully undead. The characters are complex, the story lines are layered and interwoven. is interesting as a site in it’s own right. It gives you the skinny on the show and shines a spotlight on the three original vampire siblings who form the heart of the show. Wow, you’ve been watching too many vampire shows when you refer to someone as being ‘the heart’ of something and picture that heart ripped out of its original owner and in someone else’s hand. Job hazard, we guess.

But as the headline implies, you should be warned that these are the bitchiest vampires we’ve ever seen. They get very angry for very little reason. And to quote the Hulk, you wouldn’t like them when they’re angry. They will slaughter your whole family to make you crazy, then they’ll torture you, then and only then will they kill you. And all just makes them more interesting. We worry about what that says about us.

At any rate, check out the site and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

TV Show Reviews — The Spudz Way

Read any good TV show reviews lately? Of course you have, there are million of them. We’re not going to contribute to that mess. We’re going to find the best review sites that are out there now, flying under the radar. One type of site we love is one where the content is all created by rabid fan. Yes, you will hear every virtue extolled to the point of nausea. But nobody is as viscous as a fan. So any shortcomings will be highlight in big bold letters! And it’s just so much more fun to get your review from someone who has fallen off their meds than some stodgy old guy who has been writing reviews since the Hoover administration.

Let us make our point a little more clear. If you want to know if the Star Wars prequels were any good, got straight to the Star Warriors. If the script has bad dialogue (it does), bad acting (it does), or long pointless action sequences (oh… my… Heavens, it does). But they’ll also tell you what’s good about it. Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor are beyond approach. Samuel L. Jackson is what he always is, so if you liked him before, you’ll like him now.

So you get the point, we will find the most ravenous legions of fans and direct you to them for your review-y goodness. And we’re not just talking geekdom here. If a genre of books is targeted at middle-aged wives, we’ll find a site of them as well. We promise reviews by people who care about the subject matter. What more could you want? See, Spudz is your buddy.

Dracula Untold brings out Fanboy Fangs

Nobody, and I mean nobody, has a cult following like Dracula. He got there first and they would argue, did it best. Some of us think Anne Rice’s Vampires are as different from Dracula as George Romero’s Zombies are from Voodoo Zombies. But we don’t say this to the fanboys because, you see, they literally bite. And we found a diehard fanboy second to none to give you reviews on the newest celluloid Dark Prince. is dripping with undead salivation for the new movie.

Watching the trailer, we have to say… they’re not wrong. Uber Sexy stars in all roles, and special effects that leave even the most hardened CGI veteran gaping makes Dracula Untold a sure fire hit so why not dedicate a whole fawning website to a movie you’ve only seen one trailer for? Dracula Untold has the goth visuals, the Zack Snyder gory battle scenes to keep even the most jaded male fan entranced, and did we mention special effects?

Truth is, we just love the fanboy who put this website together. Not only does he painstakingly review the trailer, he spends several pages giving you the history of Dracula and Vlad the Impaler so you can more fully enjoy the eventual film. And this guy goes back to silent movies and works his way forward. But don’t skip it just because, y’know, nobody cares. This kind of passion about as fetishistic topic as vampires is fascinating on so many levels.

And the elephant in the living room is the one that Spudz is not afraid to talk about.  Somebody made a film about Vlad the Impaler with a hot openly-gay actor. How many “impale me” jokes do you think were made on that set? The final frontier of social equality is the pun barrier. When you stare the puns right in the eye and say, “Yes! He’s gay and he impales people. And all you snickering twats just have to deal with it!”

So visit this site and spend some time with the author. Anyone writing about vampires reveals more about themselves than they do the subject matter, they’re the Rorschach test of the horror world. And it is sooo fun to play armchair Sigmund on this site.

Movie Reviews Are Boring

You want an opinion before you plop down way too much money to see a movie, so you look for movie reviews. But they all seem to be written by the same elderly man who writes all the TV show reviews. Now if you think Grumpy Old Men and The Bucket List are as good as it gets in cinema, by all means, go that way. We have another thought in mind.

Movies inspire passion. And there is simply no rhyme or reason to it. Whether its an 80′s cheese-ball comedy, a gore filled nightmare from the seventies, or one of those non-linear barely comprehensible treasures from the 90s some movies just find a loyal and devoted following. We’ve taken to calling them cult movies, but all that really means is that a small group of people have found a great film and are fiercely loyal to it.

So our approach to movie reviews is simple… Crawl the net for the people who truly adore a film. They can tell you which movies influenced its score or cinematography. They can tell you which movies were influenced by its themes or story line. While a regular movie review can tell you whether or not you will like a movie, Spudz helps you find the reviews that will help you fall in love with a movie. Why? Cuz Spudz is your buddy.

A Book Review is not a Book Review

A book review, like a book itself, is a very personal thing. Unlike any other form of entertainment, the reader takes as an active a role in creating a book as the author does. And the book itself is a completely unique thing from reader to reader. Every element can have a different meaning to a different reader?

So, uh, HOW THE HELL is Spudz supposed to find a book review that matches his standards? Have it written by someone with multiple personality disorder? That hardly seems practical. Spudz could just have his book review section cover one book only, and have lots of people review it? Er, no, that’s stupid, too.

So how about this… While every book can mean something to everyone, most books choose their story for a certain kind of reader. Some are for housewives, some are young adults, some are burgeoning psychopaths (put down that damned copy of American Psycho already! Spudz is getting worried!)

So that’s how we’ll play it. We’ll find well written book reviews written by a member of the target audience. Maybe that will give a chance to hear more clearly what the author was trying to say before we decide whether or not to read it. And if that doesn’t work, there’s always the MPD thing. Spudz likes to watch the deranged trying to use a mechanical typewriter. Spudz is your buddy.

Wanna Do More Than Play Games?

Okay, so you play video games. We’ll even give you props (you haven’t earned!) and say you play video games well. Do you ever want more than that? No we’re not talking about a serious relationship or a life. You, like us, are gamers. There are certain things that just aren’t going to happen. But what about becoming a game programmer? Then you could screw that hot little chick down the hall in your fictitious new job! Y’know, like the red-headed chick in season 9 of Supernatural? Okay, if she wasn’t a lesbian. But adult education is a chance for more, even if it’s more of something frightening. It’s worth checking out. The folks at Search Profiler have the hook-up on going back to school, not the worst idea we’ve ever heard of.

I play ‘em for, like, an hour before writing video game reviews

Do you ever hear that refrain ringing in your ears when you read a video game review? Most video game reviews seem to be written by people with high degrees in journalism, one eye already firmly staring at the Pulitzer prize. The other eye is on the editor that has it in for him and is making him cover such obvious garbage. And that, my friends is what passes for a video game review.

Do you really think Spudz is going to let that crap pass? No way! You want details! How is the game play in Left for Dead 2 better than the game play in Left for Dead? Where can you hide in this game or that to reload? Which weapons pack the most punch? If Halo is a religious experience for you, how will this new game stack up?

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY can give gamers what they want besides other gamers. So who did Spudz get for video game reviews? Cheerleaders! Oh, sorry, Spudz was kind of dreaming while he was awake. No, we got gamers to write video game reviews. We will round them up and point you to them. Because let’s face it, nothing sucks harder than paying 60 bucks to pre-order a turd. We’ve got you covered. Spudz is your buddy.

Doesn’t it drive you nuts that you can’t find a list of all the good stuff that has just come out on streaming or Disc, NO MATTER, how long ago the film came out? Spudz is your buddy. In additional to fresh round ups of TV show reviews of whole series and movie reviews, we will bring you release date news. So what does that mean?

So here’s the feature that is going to make me a weekly consumer of Spudz. An up to date listing of Blu-ray, DVD, Streaming, and theatrical releases. And give a little more time, we’re going to make that look paltry. We’re going to categorize them by new releases, catalogue releases, classics, and special editions. We want to slice and dice them by genre as well. So when we finish you’ll be able to state that you’re looking for the new boxed set of blu-ray discs in the 25th anniversary edition and we’ll take you right there.

What kind of TV show reviews will you get here? Every kind. We are aware that there are those out there who just one an objective review from a professional reviewer and we pull those in when we find them. But more and more these days, searchers are seeking out the passionate. They want to hear, directly from the source, what has drive communities of rational adults to near hysteria over this show or that. And we want to tap in to that as well. So we will provide you with links to these communities to get the good and bad from those with the very strongest opinions.

And movie reviews? We want to bring the movie reviews you won’t find anywhere else. Voices you may never have heard before, but who have something interesting to say. We want to give you a fresh way of looking at films that will help you appreciate if not like a lot more of the stuff out there. There are a lot of genuine diamonds in the rough being dumped on the back of the Netflix site. But don’t sweat it, Spudz has got you covered. We’ll help you find them.

When it comes to tv show reviews and movie reviews from outside of the box, Spudz is your buddy.